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Premiere: Neu Balance – What You Need (feat. Evanne Jones)

Since the release of their first and only record to date on 1080p three years ago, Vancouver-based duo Neu Balance kept it low-key, issuing no follow-up to the acclaimed ‘Rubber Sole‘ to enter what now appears to have been a time of careful reflection and in-depth recalibration, which finally came out on the exit of Sebastian Davidson – making NB a solo affair henceforth.

Lovers of the Canadian Riviera house sound shall rejoice though, as Sam Beatch’s revived the project, breaking its production hiatus this fall with his debut solo effort as NB, ‘In My Life, I Loved Them All‘. Scheduled for landing via Seattle imprint Budget Cuts in both tape and vinyl format, respectively coming out on 16th November and 14th December, the album finds Beatch further exploring what made the singular charm of their compositions, i.e. lavish assemblages of soulful house, off-kilter drum programming and Indian summery, sun-streaked atmospherics.

To give you a taste of the vibe feast to come, here comes ‘What You Need‘ – a highly sensual piece of sluggish, R’n’B-tinged house featuring Evanne Jones’ primrose vocals, accompanied by Aiden Ayers on bass and Patrick Holland, aka Project Pablo, on keys. Folded up in a satiny-finished dreamlike sound design, lined with pastel synth tapestries and playful bloopy bubbles to emphasise the balmy nature of it all, this slo-mo love ballad takes you for a much alluring and graceful trip down memory lane. Yes, the wait was most assuredly well worth it. Utter T-U-N-E.

In My Life, I Loved Them All is released on cassette on 16th November, and vinyl on 14th December. Pre Orders will be available on 9th November.


A1. In my life, I’ve loved them all
A2. I left my body alone with you (ft. Forever)
A3. Let the water be (ft. Forever)
A4. What You Need (ft. Evanne Jones)
A5. Persona
B1. I Neva Neu & Lapras (Live at Avenue)
B2. It’s love, it’s life
B3. Dawn optimist
B4. a little jewel (ft. Francesca Belcourt)

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