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David Elimelech

David Elimelech steps to the IA MIX Series with a podcast drenched in much required good vibes and house obscurities ready to put your Discogs skills to the test.

Earth Trax: LP1

Earth Trax debut album ‘LP1’ on Shall Not Fade is a sizeable effort, often hypnotising, sometimes stellar, but mostly thought-inducing.

Eliott Litrowski

French producer Eliott Litrowski delivers a hustlin’ and bustlin’ mix of hi-NRG moves and swift octave-shifting skills. Close your eyes and let the feels flow.

Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 4

Pacific Rhythm return with a sun-shaken release featuring the likes of Khotin, Active Surplus and Wolfey, the fourth of their Rhythms of the Pacific compilation series from the online record store-turned-label.


Argentina-based deejay Diamin delivers a trademark mix, deftly navigating the off-piste trails of techno, house and further introspectively immersive strains of dance music. Log off from the faux-organic, ad-filled purgatorio and tune in to a world of pure-minded sound exploration.

YS: Music Angel

YS and Pace Yourself make a striking debut impression with ‘Music Angel’ EP, paving the way for a lot more artistic wizardry to come.

Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing Vol.10

‘Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing Vol.10’ is an essential document and complication archiving the spatiotemporal history of Berlin’s iconic party, Cocktail d’Amore. Leaving you with one crucial question: ‘When is the next Cocktail?’

Pender Street Steppers: Our Time

Notoriously slow to unveil new music, it’s been two years since Pender Street Steppers released their previous record, now ‘Our Time’ delivers a refreshing and exploratory take on their nonchalantly breezy style.