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Murcof crafts an eclectic and emotive mix for Newtype Rhythms

Newtype Rhythms returns after a reset – a lengthy hiatus that rewired the circuits and set things back up within the lines of communication this time with a special guest mix by the ever-impressive Murcof.

The Spain-via-Mexico artist has been releasing music for over 15 years now, crafting an emotive, rich sound that cuts (and pastes) between the sounds of ambient, electronica and neo-classical with subtlety and grace. Between his landmark releases for the likes of InFiné and the Leaf Label, Murcof ventures forward with another impressive album, a soundtrack for the film ‘Lost in Time‘, available now on the Italian imprint of Glacial Movements.

With the album out now and being savoured by fans and first-time listeners alike, Murcof delivers an intensely eclectic guest mix for our sister mix series Newtype Rhythms, veering between genres and mood just as gracefully as he does with his own music. His mix starts at around 50 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead setting the mood to start with.

On Saturday 10 November Inverted Audio and Newtype Rhythms team up in Berlin for a two-room takeover at Chalet featuring Szare, xxxy, Jacques Bon, Troy Gunner, Antepop, Elise and Newtype resident Sheepshead. Tickets available from Resident Advisor, full info on Facebook.


00:00-49:50 – mixed by Sheepshead

01. Kelly Moran – In Parallel
02. Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Avaol
03. Silvia Kastel – Spiderwebs
04. Kenji Kawai – The Ballade Of Puppets: Flowers Grieve And Fall
05. Yoko Kanno – Blues In The Net
06. Akira Kosemura – Serena
07. Grouper – Headache
08. Steve Hauschildt – Transience of Earthly Joys
09. Varg – Fonus (with Drew McDowall & Alessandro Cortini)
10. James Blake – Modern Soul

49:51 – END – mixed by Murcof

01. Alessandro Cortini – Scappa
02. Billie Mandoki – By the Shore
03. Autechre – Feed1
04. Ital Tek – The Circle is Complete
05. Reggy Van Oers – Lace Monitor
06. Kyoka – Lined Up
07. Oneohtrix Point Never – Freaky Eyes
08. US Girls – New Age Thriller
09. Brian Eno – Lux 1
10. Murcof & Ilaria Graziano – Il Mondo

Discover more about Murcof on Inverted Audio.