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Premiere: Chafik Chennouf – Ferroequinologie (Mondkopf Remix)

It didn’t take Amsterdam-based label Leyla Records much longer than a couple years to find its cruising speed. Having quickly established as one of the most promising platforms for present-day techno – featuring EPs and contributions from Manni Dee, JoeFarr, Lucy, Positive Centre and more, the Dutch imprint owes its fast ascension to Chafik Chennouf, the jack-of-all-trades behind it all.

After appearances on a couple VA this year on Leyla, Chennouf eventually steps up with his anxiogenic debut solo EP ‘Dual Aspect‘, due out at the end of the month on Opal Tapes and including revamps from some of the finest remixers of the moment in the persons of Stroboscopic Artefacts honcho Lucy, Japanese techno artist Katsunori Sawa and In Paradisum staple Mondkopf.

Streaming in full over our channels now is Paul Régimbeau’s revisitation of the steel-heavy, mind-altering ‘Ferroequinologie‘. Immersed in a nightmarish maelstrom of arrhythmic throbs, filter distortions and raucous uppercuts, Mondkopf version is a full-out deviant club crusher, all aimed at morphing the dancefloor into a mazy, menacing place where safety’s optional and other dancers’ a blurry threat. Gut-churning, all-devouring drones for the bold.

Dual Aspect is released via Opal Tapes on 31st October, pre-order a copy from Juno


1. Ferroequinologie
2. Hanneton
3. Ferroequinologie (Lucy Remix)
4. Ferroequinologie (Mondkopf Remix)
5. Ferroequinologie (Katsunori Sawa Remix)
6. The Observer Effect

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