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Premiere: Menko – The First Kiss

Dedicated to “combining raw contemporary techno with original 80s/90s industrial, electronic, experimental and EBM music“, Murray CY’s imprint Contort Yourself has been putting together some of the finest compilations of off-kilter electronic hybrids in the past couple years, making the musical universes of today’s leading-edge techno artists such as Beau Wanzer, Mark Forshaw or Innsyter collide with those of Pankow, Esplendor Geométrico and Andromeda Complex.

Back with a mouthwatering debut double-12″ package – ‘80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1‘ – due out imminently, the Glasgow-based label puts on a great spread for their eighth iteration. Across four crowded-out sides we find Japanese noise producer Merzbow and East End Butchers rubbing shoulders with Alu, Magthea and Die Klopferbande amongst many others.

Our premiere comes courtesy of a seminal figure of the Dutch synth-pop and new wave scenes in the person of Menko Konings – better known as eM and co-founder of the cult ’80s band S.M. NURSE, responsible for the excellent ‘Hot Day In Istanbul‘ and ‘Frutta‘, recently issued by Domestica. Originally released on the ‘Dedicated To Charles Bronson‘ tape via Top Tape in 1986, ‘The First Kiss‘ is a proper intense and psychedelic darkwave gem, geared with the kind of hypnotic riffs and impactful rawness so dear to Spacemen 3 and D.A.F. A most excellent throwback to a golden era for valiant, boundary-pushing dance music.

80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1 is released in October, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. East End Butchers – Assassins
A2. Magthea – Magthea & Insanity (Extract)
A3. Missing Persons – Rotten To The Core
A4. Doxa Sinistra – The Other Stranger
A5. PCR – Myths Of Seduction & Betrayal (Extract)

B1. Urbain Autopsy & K… – Tribal Moment
B2. Human Flesh – Ancient Smiles
B3. Nocturnal Emissions – Fat Slimey Parasites
B4. Merzbow – D.D.T.
B5. DDV – If You’re Looking For Trouble

C1. ALU – Fies Sein
C2. Menko – The First Kiss
C3. Die Klopferbande – Cadillac Im Ghetto
C4. Jacinthebox – Wipe The Church
C5. Cripure S.A. – Little Meat
C6. Software – Human Situation

D1. Felix Menkar – Buscando El Espacio Interior
D2. Blackhouse – Numerology
D3. Ende Shneafliet – Twistin’ On The Tombstones
D4. Muziekkamer – Being Home Tonight
D5. Dead Tech – Catalavox

Discover more about Menko and Contort Yourself on Inverted Audio.