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Premiere: Autumns – Doire Dog Race

Opal Tapes line up their next album release from the prolific yet shadowy producer Autumns — aptly titled ‘You Are Listening To Autumns‘ — a 6-track EP available in digital and cassette format.

For the uninitiated, Autumns has been beating around the industrial / DIY block for some time now, with some of his first formally released music landing on Regis’ and Female’s legendary Downwards label, and Broken English Club / Oliver Ho shouting the artist out as a personal favourite in our 2019 interview.

Back to the present, this is perhaps the producers wildest and most relevant work to date. Our premiere ‘Doire Dog Race‘ crowns the release. Igniting with an instant energy, we’re plunged headfirst into a sea of furiously oscillating acid and untamed kickdrums out of an EBM wet dream. With spat and devolved vocals storming through the mid-range, there’s little respite from Autumn’s fury across the 4-minute track.

‘You Are Listening To Autumns’ is scheduled for release 29 August via Opal Tapes. Order a copy on Bandcamp.


1. Alex, Can You Take The Bass Out?
2. In The Line
3. Old Ireland
4. In A Plastic Box
5. Doire Dog Race
6. Trapped Fingers