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Music Video: GOLPESAR – The Flesh Of The World

Opal Tapes unleash their latest audiovisual experience, ‘The Flesh Of The World’, produced by trans-disciplinary artist she.PHASE in collaboration with GOLPESAR.

Bearing the same title as GOLPESAR’s recent Opal Tapes digital release, the video is lent audio from the introductory track, ‘Nâ-Kojâ-Abâd’, and the pitched-up chaos of ‘bubblegum’. 

she.PHASE’s visual art lurches into view, a disconcerting world rendered through latex and over-the-counter meat, shopfronts and file cabinets reflected in the sheen. The title hangs on screen, before popping the a dancer moving to the near-impossible rhythm of ‘bubblegum’. 

Distortion warps the dancer’s actions, and soon the immaterial world conjured by she.PHASE begins bursting through. A world of white lilies and glossy shoes, painted in marbled steak, the dissonance between the sleek imagined world and GOLPESAR’s aggressive music strikes hard.

she.PHASE and GOLPESAR’s interpretation of the video is stated below:

“In an audiovisual exercise of speculative world-making, trans-disciplinary artists GOLPESAR and she.PHASE execute a simple intervention : a breach in the skin to allow the world to enter the body. The result is an architecture of humble meat, a familiar topography of flesh from within which the viewer is individuated. The world, finally stripped from its surface layer, spills out its guts in an appetising aesthetic display of rendered fake-meatTM viscosities where bodies, spaces, and objects do not belong to, but rather constitute the very limits of the world.

Halfway through this spectacle, as if by prophecy, a revived and rejuvenated pre-revolution era Googoosh appears, effortlessly dancing to the ever-accelerating rhythm of the world. As her feet carefully tiptoe on a tightrope of sound, the poetical rhythm of Googoosh’s movements extend us an invitation to surrender to the tempo of chaos, her seductive smile suggesting “it’s easier than it looks”. And as Googoosh is slowly erased by the same forces that have historically sought to do so, the rhythm of her movements remain etched within the ontology of the flesh, now permanently set into vibration.

So what is the boundary between your flesh and the flesh of the world?

The answer is, and has always been: None”

‘The Flesh Of The World’ is scheduled for release 29 August via Opal Tapes. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Nâ-Kojâ-Abâd
2. Tehroon
3. bubblegum
4. Speak In Semaphore

ArtistLabelReleased29 August 2020Genre