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Music Video: pol100 – Edema

In conjunction with Bound Centre‘s latest release from pol100, today we are delighted to share the music video for ‘Edema‘ – produced by Amsterdam production duo Buien, the architecturally-trained duo have created a visual assault that matches the urgency and vibrancy of pol100’s track.

Edema‘ is a furious storm, a 3-minute maelstrom of ecstatic rave ambience scored with hyper-boreal breaks. There’s barely a moment not used to heighten the tension, and yet the clouds never break into the full-on madness which hangs like a dark promise, always just out of reach.

Buien’s visual accompaniment builds on the track’s strengths: eschewing camera production for computer-based wizardry, the pair divide the screen into a 4×3 grid of “screens” that blast black and white spasms of energy and light. At times synchronised or in unison and at others syncopated and scrambled, the result is every bit as chaotic as the track, leaving an image-burn imprint on the retinas as the last lights fade.

‘Sepsis’ EP is out now via Bound Centre. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Fever
2. Edema
3. Hypothermia
4. Altered Mental States

ArtistLabelReleased8 September 2020Genre