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Ada releases ‘Moon Rider’ EP on Pampa Records

Following over a decade of no new music on Pampa Records, German musician Ada, real name Michaela Dippel, announced her return to DJ Koze’s imprint last week by dropping an ultra-limited 7-inch named ‘Moon Rider‘ EP.

Teasing listeners with just two tracks, Ada presents a wistful solo production on the A-side, consisting of her distinguished vocals, plus a reinterpretation of Chicago’s ‘25 Or 6 To 4‘ on the flip-side, featuring DJ Koze.

With her long-lasting affiliation with Pampa Records, we can only assume that we’ll be hearing more from Ada this year, perhaps a new EP or even a full length album. Only time will time.

‘Moon Rider’ EP is out now. Order a copy from Pampa Records


1. Moon Rider
2. 25 Or 6 To 4