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Premiere: Honeydrip – Outta Here (MISH’s Slug Farm Mix)

Montreal’s Honeydrip has been bubbling up in the Canadian underground over the past few years. With wide-ranging DJ sets and monthly shows on n10.as, she’s becoming a crucial figure in the country’s second-most populous city.

An amalgam of techno, dancehall and UK bass music styles, the artist’s debut EP dropped in 2021. ‘Anti-Ego’ saw these styles refracted through the lens of Honeydrip’s Caribbean roots, electro-acoustic background and taste for the more physical strains of dance music.

A global team has been assembled for ‘Anti-Ego Remixxx’. Nervous Horizon affiliate SIM provides a bass-boosted version of ‘Waistline’, Korea Town Acid serves up an atmospheric take on ‘Brand New Flava’ and Ouri turns up the crunch on ‘Outta Here’. Our pick is MISH’s version of that same track. On his viscous ‘Slug Farm Mix’, the Bristol producer tries to retain the character of the original while seeing just how far he can push it.

‘Anti-Ego Remixxx’ is scheduled for release 14 January via Honeydrip. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Outta Here (MISH’s Slug Farm Mix)
2. Outta Here (Ouri Remix)
3. Waistline (SIM Remix)
4. Brand New Flava (Korea Town Acid Remix)
5. Brand New Flava (Lukrø Mad Ting Remix)