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Agrippa presents a dub-filled guest mix for Newtype Rhythms

First impressions count for a lot – whether it be a passing glance or a passive listen, that initial interest is something that can piqued or put-off if whatever’s presented isn’t up to par; and when it comes Agrippa, that first impression left an indelible mark.

Starting last year on Berlin-based bass imprint Version, the UK producer stormed onto the scene with the enigmatic Mygraine Urgraine, a two-tracker that acted as a tight-rope trip between playful and powerful for the dancefloor faithful. Noticing that momentum coming into play, he started to pop up on venerable institutions such as NTS Radio and Rinse FM, showing off his versatile sonic stylings mixed in with his lethal unreleased gems.

Agrippa kept the ball rolling; establishing the record label and collective known as Par Avion alongside fellow contemporaries Henry Greenleaf and Meta; providing a new outlet for a certain bass gradient to be cultivated. With his latest Dead Wait EP out for release on the aforementioned label, we couldn’t think of a better candidate to spice things up for our sister series.

This latest edition of Newtype Rhythms is a unique one; as Agrippa digs deep and unloads a load of dancefloor dubs in this hefty guest mix. Once you hear it, you might never be the same. His mix starts at 41 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead heralding some bass mutations in the interim to start things up.


00:00 – 41:00 – Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – Dolphins Climb Onto Shore For The First Time
02. Horsepower Productions – TP
03. DJ JM – Bar Bell
04. Cando – Bleak
05. Syn & Tension – Hollow
06. Jam City – Waterfalls
07. Ahadadream – Come 2018
08. Soundbwoy Killah – Moving On
09. Hackman – Bodies
10. DJ Polo – Moth On The Wall
11. MJ Cole & Wiley – From The Drop
12. Doctor Jeep – Devil Rhythm
13. Martyn – Rhythms Ritual

41:24 – END – Mixed by Agrippa

01. Human Resources – Desilu [BAM001]
02. Lamont – Aldgate Pump [Unreleased]
03. ????? – ????? [UNRELEASED]
04. Agrippa – Shame, Well [Unreleased]
05. Ebb & Koulsin – Untitled [Unreleased]
06. Agrippa – Scabs [PAR003]
07. ????? – ????? [Unreleased]
08. Benton – Cut Up [BBS VOL. 2]
09. Metrist – ????? [Forthcoming ?????]
10. Meta – Fault Line (Henry’s Distorted Supercut) [UNRELEASED]
11. User Engine – Medusa Script [Unreleased]
12. Agrippa – Dead Wait [PAR003]
13. Koulsin – Bad [DURK024]
14. Benton – Like Peace [BBS VOL. 2]
15. ????? – ????? [Unreleased]
16. Benton – Polar Freeway [BBS VOL. 2]
17. Agrippa – Pull Rank [Unreleased]
18. WZ X Magugu – Movin’ Sharp (Lamont Remix) [EMB011]
19. Metrist – LB Steaua [UNRELEASED]
20. Kode9 – Uh (Henry’s ‘4/4 Baby’ Edit) [Unreleased]
21. Ebb- Antares [Unreleased]
22. Mani Festo – Looking For A Meaning [CG002]
23. Lamont – Death Slide (Benton Remix) [BBS VOL. 2]
24. Nico – Ventana [Unreleased]

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