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Ana Roxanne and DJ Python collaborate as Natural Wonder Beauty Concept on Mexican Summer

Ana Roxanne and DJ Python announce a new collaboration project and album, scheduled for release this summer via Brooklyn-based record label Mexican Summer.

The two artists connected at the end of 2020, after releasing their respective solo albums – Ana Roxanne’s ‘Because of a Flower‘ and DJ Python’s ‘Mas Amable‘ – garnered critical acclaim but the pandemic left them stuck at home. Fast forward a few years, several recording sessions between Brooklyn and Los Angeles, and the project and album is complete.

Fusing elements of Ana Roxanne’s ambient pop and Brian Piñeyro’s “deep reggaeton” with “trip-hop, synth-pop, brittle IDM drums, and samples of classical music,” ‘Natural Wonder Beauty Concept’ features vocals from both contributors, a first for Piñeyro.

At times contemplative, melancholic, and always adventurous, ‘Natural Wonder Beauty Concept‘ sounds like a time capsule of breezy, wistful moments that drift and fade in front of your eyes.

‘Natural Wonder Beauty Concept’ is scheduled for release on 14 July via Mexican Summer. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Fallen Angel
2. Sword
3. III
4. The Veil I
5. Natural Wonder Beauty Concept
6. The Veil II
7. Young Adult Fiction
8. Driving
9. Clear
10. World Freehand Circle Drawing