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Black Merlin: Phase One

Needless to say George Thompson has been on fire as of late. If you check in on a regular basis at your local record store you’ll have noticed his omnipresence both on the shelves and in a flurry of DJ bags altogether. After a host of compelling transmissions on Island Of The Gods, Berceuse Heroique and Jealous God, Black Merlin takes back his magic wand for a two-track brain melter on Rotterdam’s finest Pinkman.

Black Merlin: Hipnotik Tradisi

On ‘Hipnotik Tradisi’ Black Merlin navigates away from the clichés of “postcard soundtracking”, putting on what Segalen once defined as an exote’s view, effectively implementing the “Hindu mechanism” – a process by which the conscious being finds himself face to face with his own self, rejoicing in his diversity rather than assimilating completely.