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Music Video: Tul Waitoonkiat – Nueng Kamtham (Black Merlin Traverse Dub Mix)

Marking their 10th release, Bangkok-based Siamese Twins Records prepare to issue ‘Nueng Kamtham‘ EP from Thai performance artist Tul Waitoonkiat, bolstered with remixes from Black Merlin, Japanese modular scientist Sapphire Slows and Butter Sessions production duo Sleep D.

Deep, dubby and tantalisingly mystical, ‘Nueng Kamtham‘ EP is a collaborative experience emerging from Tul Waitoonkiat’s latest novel ‘Silence Is Violence‘ exhibited through multi-disciplinary collaborations all around Bangkok. One of these exhibitions with Khun Fluff (the alter ego of Sunju Hargun) in 2022 laid the foundations of this release bathing the audience in a mind-altering universe filled with ambient bush soundscapes, trance extravaganza, ultra-zealot poetry and club-focused techno.

Ahead of its release on 17th May, we turn our attention to the music video for ‘Nueng Kamtham (Black Merlin Traverse Dub Mix)‘. With a fine combination of Waitoonkiat’s deep-rooted poetry evoking silhouettes of the human unconscious and machine-made occultism operated by Pinkman’s affiliate Black Merlin, which seems to effortlessly trail-blaze through uncanny visions as Siamese Twins revive the sound of Thailand to the fullest.

This video, strictly framed in black and white by Leo James at TMM Studios in Bangkok, depicts Tul Waitoonkiat performing a psyched-out ritual of dubiety, employing transmorphing possession, zoomed lip sync, and syncopated light speeds to create a swathe of magical abstractions crafted by Waitoonkiat’s poetry and dance.

‘Nueng Kamtham‘ is scheduled for release 17th May via Siamese Twins Records. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.

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