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Music Video: Brik Tu-Tok – Hungry Hungry

Ghent-based production duo Brik Tu-Tok released their third album ‘Hot Glue‘ in September 2023. Now, they come with a psyched-out music video directed by Nervous Cinema Ribble Dribble Productions & Cheap Society Company.

Hot Glue‘ is a mutant collection of synth-pop ballads, eccentric post-punk, dubbed-out beats and spooky new wave, revealing their obsession with wildly bizarre melodies that are highly synchronised with our unconscious thoughts.

The video depicts a trippy fantasy in which a white-faced space emperor and a purple-clad diva make their way onto the kaleidoscopic soil of a deserted planet. Soon, the protagonists appear on wild boars looking for a farewell diner of rats scurrying. Highly recommended for the ones looking for a post-apocalyptic faint from hunger.

“Hungry Hungry is an irresistible pop song that will eat your heart out. The video envisions a medieval cyber euphoria, a video game that doesn’t make any sense with psychedelic pop beats, made up melodies from toy instruments As is everything in the universe of Brik Tu-Tok! ” – Brik Tu-Tok

‘Hot Glue’ was released on 27th September. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

ArtistReleased27 September 2023Genre