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Music Video: Parable – Pin Drops

Succeeding the release of his inaugural ‘Fragments‘ EP in 2020, Belgian film and television composer Julien Hauspie, also known as Parable, prepares to release his debut album ‘Monument’, enhanced with a collage of transient perceptions for ‘Pin Drops‘.

The self-taught musician began blasting guitar riffs in progressive metal bands in Belgium before gaining attention for his work on survival-horror game such as ‘Penumbra:Necrologue’ and the short movie ‘Ingénue’.

Produced using an entire spectrum of sound equipment, including the synthesizers Korg Minilogue and Arturia Matrixbrute, the manual tape recorder Akai 4000DS MK-II and the guitars Epiphone EJ-200CE and Steinberger ZT-3, ‘Monument’ presents ten soothing ballads ranging from blissful ambient, lysergic experimental and braindance lunacy infused with contemporary sound design.

To accompany the album, Julien Hauspie showcases sprawling memories shot throughout Europe through a glitchy lens on track nine, ‘Pin Drops‘. Parable shares his itinerant feelings:

“The main inspiration for the upcoming album ‘Monument’ and the single ‘Pin Drops’ is a backpacking trip I did across Europe a year ago. It’s about feeling really grounded while at the same time always being on the move to explore new places. I wanted to recapture some of those feelings in the accompanying video as if you’re there yourself. About half of the footage was filmed by myself during this trip, the other half was carefully selected from stock footage and edited together to create a cohesive whole.”

‘Monument’ is scheduled for release 25th January, with a vinyl release coming at a later date on Denmark imprint BauSatz. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


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