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Music Video: Eluard – Funny Jasmine

Milan-based artist Eluard lines up his debut album ‘Dirty Hall‘ on Italian dance provider Slow Motion Records, topped up with a vintage visual memory lane for ‘Funny Jasmine‘, self-directed by the multi-skilled producer.

Spanning eight cut-out strobing lights, ‘Dirty Hall‘ EP follows up a previous appearance on Prague-based label Columbo Records with a synthesis of glitchy gelato fantasy and golden poppy funk. This is for all the synth heads wondering what the next italo-disco generation will leave behind.

With twirling analog shots, romantic confessions, and laser-eyed poetry, Eluard sets the tone on the fifth track ‘Funny Jasmine‘. The soundtrack might inspire you to scrapbook your holiday memories in a nostalgic early 80s style. Eluard explains:

“This video was made by Eluard himself, showing how he can easily juggle his two biggest passions: music and video making. All the images shown in the video are cuts from Italian photo novels made between 1979 – 1983, while the texts are excerpts from “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Nietzsche. The video’s inspiration can confidently be traced to the Italian TV commercials. The technique used in its realisation is a collage using a small portion of a TV screen filmed with a camera as a background.” – Eluard

‘Dirty Hall’ is scheduled for release on 23rd November via Slow Motion Records. Order your copy from Bandcamp.

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