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Music Video: Sidirum – Donde

Following the release of his album ‘HEMI‘ in 2021, Argentinian producer Nico Bruschi – better known as SidiRum –  drops his ‘Iris‘ EP on London-based imprint Earthly Measures, accompanied with a music video for ‘Donde‘, directed by Buenos Aires-based visual artist Axel Millar.

‘Iris‘ delivers five subtropical tracks fusing hazy South American melodies with dancefloor ready rhythms and eerie balearic ballads. On ‘Donde‘, SidiRum presents an unctuous treasure showcasing his nearly forgotten vocal chords.

Throughout the music video, Sidirum brings the listeners through a third-eye outlook on clamouring tools and sun worshippers clapping fingers and operating horizontal dance choreographies. For all the ones searching for some organic food for your soul, ‘Donde‘ takes you in the right direction. For a better understanding of the creative process, multi-instrumentalist, SidiRum commented:

“In crafting the official music video for the track “Donde,” I aimed to bring a unique and playful vision to life. The video was shot in a studio with a pristine white backdrop, creating an infinite filming space that allowed for creative exploration. To enhance the visual appeal, we incorporated vibrant and colourful outfits sourced from the eclectic collection at “Wendi,” a renowned costume rental service from Buenos Aires.”

“The concept behind the video was to inject a sense of whimsy and eccentricity. I wanted to desensitise the experience, infusing a touch of absurdity and casualness into the visuals. With this in mind, we introduced musical instruments alongside seemingly random and nonsensical objects, adding an element of surprise and unpredictability to the scenes.”

“The intention was to subvert the seriousness often associated with music videos and, instead, embrace a more lighthearted and offbeat approach. By incorporating colourful attire, diverse musical instruments, and an array of quirky items, the video became a celebration of spontaneity and self-deprecating humour. It was about laughing at ourselves and reveling in the bizarre and carefree atmosphere we created.”

“Ultimately, the “Donde” music video became a vibrant and unconventional visual representation of the track, embodying the essence of the song’s playful spirit. Through this creative endeavor, we aimed to bring smiles to our audience, inviting them to embrace the eccentricity of the moment.” – Nico Bruschi

‘Iris EP’ is scheduled for release 25th August via Earthly Measures. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.

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