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Music Video: Brian Wenner – Age of Execution

Brooklyn-based producer and sound designer Brian Wenner delivers his anticipated album ‘Age Of Execution‘ on American imprint Grind Select, rounded off with a spooky music video directed by Taiwanese art group Sid and Geri.

Conducted by Brian Wenner, also known under the moniker Prism House, ‘Age Of Execution’ is a nebulous album of modular synthesizers and field recordings, fusing remnants of pandemic psychosis and glitchy experimental, revealing harrowing comets highly synchronised with our rapid eye movements.

Ahead of its release in November, we turn our attention to the music video for ‘Age Of Execution‘. The video portrays absurd fiction in which a credulous lady discovers a white pillow-shaped puppet. Soon, the protagonist is confronted with a living marionette who accompanies her in every step of her daily routine, provoking anxious storytelling that may only exist within our minds.

“We tried to capture the surreal connection among reality, dreams, and anxieties, crafting a fantasy narrative that elicits both fear and fascination in the post-pandemic era, while resonating with the essence of the track.” – Sid and Geri

‘Age Of Execution’ is scheduled for release 10th November via Grind Select. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


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