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Music Video: Monika Subrtova – Ylvia

Following the release of her inaugural ‘Omnia‘ EP in 2020, London-based experimental producer Monika Subrtova prepares to release her debut album on Slovakia-based NEXT Festival Records, accompanied with a music video for ‘Ylvia‘, directed by Prague-based visual artist Radim Labuda.

Produced using an array of machines, including the Elektron Rytm MK2 drum machine and Novation Peak polyphonic synthesizer, ‘TOON’ presents six audio apparatuses spanning post-industrial sonics, drone-like synthesizers, earth-shattering experimental infused with avant-garde sound design.

To compliment the album, Slovakian visual artist Radim Labuda takes the viewer on a pellucid trip through radiant flora, blurry sprinkles and fruiting body polyphony on track four, ‘Ylvia‘. Monika explains:

“The video was made by Radim Labuda, who works with installations, political art, sound installations and video art. For the video he filmed locations near a small stream at a village called Borinka, located at the foothill of the Carpathian mountains in Slovakia. He then edited the footage to create a video that would match the flow and atmosphere of the track.”

‘TOON’ is scheduled for release 18th October via NEXT Festival Records. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.