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Keope – Between Time

Finding solace within their remotely-located studios, producer-duo Keope facilitated their time of solitude to endeavour in what some may see as the bright side of a pandemic-induced
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Robert ÆOLUS Myers: Talisman

Robert ÆOLUS Myers, a resident of Hawaii since the mid-70s whose island-tinged electroacoustic meditations were the subject of a compilation from Aloha Got Soul in 2017. Now the fine folk at Origin Peoples are having a crack, and they’re bringing added firepower with them in the form of a live recording and clutch of remixes.

Ingleton Falls: Champagne In Mozambique

Responsible for just a pair of confidential releases between 1993 and 1994, Ingleton Falls mainly made a mark with their now highly sought-after tape, ‘Champagne In Mozambique’ – a five-track EP that Isle Of Jura first re-released back in October last year on cassette format and have now pressed onto black plastic for the first time ever.

The Pilotwings: Les Portes Du Brionnais

After an adulterous excursion on Macadam Mambo, Lyon-based duo The Pilotwings return to BFDM with ‘Les Portes Du Brionnais’, an eleven-track debut LP exploring a wide range of styles including syncopated weed-stank grooves, zouk and Japanese exotica motifs as well as other cosmic oddities.

Mind Lotion: Altitude Attitudes

As Fantastic Man, Superconscious Records boss Mic Newman got us used to hi-NRG blends of organic, exotica-infused boogie and straight-up jacking rhythms. Under his Mind Lotion moniker, it’s a feast of chimey inflections and vaporous flute lines that unfurls, matching the intoxicating feel of the summits with the horizontal quietness of a shimmering seaway.

D.K.: Island Of Dreams

Whilst a major part of the current retro-driven house and electronica sometimes feels like losing itself in vain convolutions, D.K.’s sound certainly offers a way finer rethink of the well-tried recipes he gets to toy with.

Ptaki: Przelot

The duo blend popular Polish songs from the ’70-80s together with contemporary rhythms like the trappy hats and hipopisms of Za Daleki Sen and the result is equal in functional bizarreness to the unlikelihood of the encounter.