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Premiere: Hugh Mane – Coming Home

Following their inaugural release from Perth Lewis, Sydney’s Within Reason Records are back with their next effort, a four-track EP by Oslo-based artist Hugh Mane. With an alumnus of labels including Adult Contemporary and Running Back, his next EP is perfect for the chill-out zone.

On his latest EP, the self-described “record changer & knob twiddler” veers away from his usual club-ready cuts. Tapping into the contemporary appetite for laid-back sounds, ‘Resonant Moods’ could perhaps be seen as the artist’s attempt to achieve just that.

Our pick from the release is ‘Coming Home’. Soaked in Balearic melancholy, it’s the kind of track that wouldn’t seem out of place at Café Del Mar. The percussion sits low in the mix leaving plenty of space for the gorgeous melodies to shine.

‘Resonant Moods’ is scheduled for release 15 March via Within Reason Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Coming Home
2. Voices of Choice
3. Music For a Non-Existent Song
4. Resonant Moods