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Behind This Wall bring Francis Harris to Plastic People for Easter

Following our short film with Francis Harris, Behind This Wall have invited the Brooklyn based producer to Plastic People on Easter Sunday as part of his ‘Minutes Of Sleep‘ album tour.

Eschewing trends by approaching the oft maligned long-player format with an unaffected integrity, albums ‘Leland’ and ‘Minutes Of Sleep’ both encompass a scope and scale befitting the broad canvasses they play out on. Enriched in personality, Harris’ music takes its visceral form from the environment in which it is captured: vintage tape recorders, synthesisers, microphones and DI boxes; together with his own Scissor & Thread imprint.

The label, a collaboration with Anthony Collins, has been reflective of this same reverential diligence since its inception. The intricately woven aesthetics of which match the bespoke pseudonym perfectly; as something curated and cultivated lovingly, by hand. Expect Francis to bring the same special signatures to his extended set at Plastic People on Easter Sunday. Support comes from DJs in residence: Alex & Digby.


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