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Luke Vibert Reveals Video For ‘Acage’ Taken From Ridmik LP

A welcome return to Luke Vibert whose acid heavy slow tempo long player ‘Ridmik‘ is released on the 7th April via Hypercolour.

Best described as a laid back collision of his Wagon Christ moniker, early Chicago acid and that distinctive eccentric Brit twist he’s so well perfected, ‘Ridmik’ is a glorious walk through every permutation of the 303.

Vibert somehow coaxes ever-impressive variations and a mysterious extra special squelch from his box of tricks, highlighted in this video for ‘Acage’.

It’s been over a decade since Vibert declared ‘I Love Acid‘. It’s fair to say we all agreed with him then and still do now.


1. Ridmik
2. Stabs Of Regret
3. Six Eight
4. Acid Jacket
5. Acrobot
6. Acage
7. Overstand Me
8. CS303
9. Proper Gander
10. Double Dipped Acid
11. Vortek

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