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Farben Presents James DIN A4 – New Album Out In April

Farben has announced the release of his new 10 track album ‘Farben presents James DIN A4’ to be released on 18th April 2014 via his Fatiche imprint.

In the summer of 2013 Farben (Jan Jelinek) remixed his way through the extensive oeuvre of the sample and collage artist James DIN A4 (Dennis Busch) – and gathered ten of his favourite titles.

Currently there are two tracks on Soundcloud. Heimkehr Der Vulgaren‘ sounds as if it’s the work of Pepe Bradock, it’s electronic and most definitely on the weirder tip of house. But the solid drum kick keeps you in check. Lucifer Rising  delivers a more shuffling downtempo affair.

Stream both tracks via Soundcloud.

Read an interview with Jan Jelinek and Dennis Busch via Fatiche to discover more about the album.

Jan Jelinek: Dennis, you’re a musician and an artist who creates audio and visual collages, as well as designing fashion. Could it be said that the principle of collage is what underlies all of your activities?

Dennis Busch: Yes, that’s the common thread running throughout my output. I shake the kaleidoscope and don’t know what the result will be. If I don’t like it, I keep shaking – until some sensible nonsense appears. For me, it’s important to extract the moment of “transformation”. The intuition of becoming and the crystalline structure in being, the beauty in the beast with its head in the clouds, the Great Pyramids of Giza in its hands – to assemble and fasten all this together, that’s what I’m aiming for.

> Continue reading this interview on Fatiche.


A1: Kader Dolls
A2: Heimkehr der Vulgaren
A3: Powerbaum
A4: Lucifer Rising
A5: Rettung
B1: Please excuse my face
B2: Krieghelm Hundewasser
B3: Das Chinesenschwert
B4: Fahles Graz
B5: Helfen im Sitzen

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