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Ben Kaczor signs to Dial, announces ‘Petrovo Uho’ LP

Following his ‘Sun Chapter One‘ LP in April, Swiss producer Ben Kaczor joins Dial to release ‘Petrovo Uho‘.

Spanning 11 tracks, ‘Petrovo Uho’ portrays the classic Dial sound with refined grace and exquisite deepness that has become so signature to the imprint. Inspired by a recent trip to Croatia, Kaczor adopts the local dialect in track titles and the music is said to reflect memories and feelings of traveling through the Adriatic coastline. Highlights include ‘Tramuntana‘, ‘Odsjaj‘, ‘Katamaran‘, ‘Oluja‘ and ‘Neboder‘.

“For the album, an important conceptual thought came from encountering a rare ear-shaped seashell called Petro Uho (Peter’s Ear). I found it while diving in Dubrovnik, Croatia in the summer. Inspired by the sound of a foreign language, I decided to keep all the tracks in Croatian, some of them in the dialect of the town of Dubrovnik, because the atmospheric soundscapes of the tracks reflect memories and feelings of traveling through Croatia, the force of the sea and wind, the play of lights and moods.”

‘Petrovo Uho’ is scheduled for release 18 November via Dial. 


1. Svjetionik
2. Tramuntana
3. Uspon
4. Odsjaj
5. Bura
6. Katamaran
7. Ludilo
8. Špilja
9. Tohatsu
10. Oluja
11. Neboder