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Premiere: Schwefelgelb – Dann Kommt Der Schleier

Storied German EBM live duo Schwefelgelb are back with another hard-hitting EP on their label n-PLEX — ‘Whirlpool​-​Gedanken‘ sees the duo draw deeper into their projected psyche, and resurface with more artillery primed for maximum club damage.

The pair have long demonstrated a tacit ability to play at the pinnacle of the EBM/techno borderlines, from their music’s hybridisation of EBM tropes with rolling, high-energy techno. This is evidenced in their live sets, where the duo perform renditions of their tracks in the old-school EBM fashion, as “songs”, not as an extended and continuous performance, as with techno live sets.

Schwefelgelb fans will know what lies in wait — unstoppable force, with no immovable object blocking its path. ‘Dann Kommt Der Schleier‘ [“Then Comes The Veil”] is one of five tracks on the digital release (Öspiel’s remix of the A2 is exempt from the vinyl release), and closes out the affair in their traditional style: Berghain main-floor aesthetics, thumping kicks and snapshots of vocals, contributing to the ever-peaking energy.

‘Whirlpool-Gedanken’ is scheduled for release 11 November via n-PLEX. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Das Ist Wellness
2. Weit Genug
3. Einer Macht Den Twist
4. Dann Kommt Der Schleier
5. Einer Macht Den Twist (Öspiel remix)