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Canadian producer LNS self-releases ‘LNS​-​id’ feat DJ Sotofett

Earlier this week, Berlin-based Vancouver native LNS self-released a digital only EP through Bandcamp.

Presented as an ode to acid adorned with hyper-lysergic artwork, ‘LNS-id‘ features five tracks effortlessly weaving through bubbling 303 bassline’s, soft pads and IDM inflected melodies. Highlights include ‘Blue Acid‘, ‘3RD Dimension Acid (DJ Sotofett Mix)‘ and ‘Cosmacid‘.

‘LNS​-​id’ is out now. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1.  Blue Acid
2. Acid Rated
3. 3RD Dimension Acid (DJ Sotofett Mix)
4. Cosmacid
5. Gentle Acid