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Premiere: Jakob Mäder – All Will Be Fine

Stuttgart-based musician Jakob Mäder inaugurates his own record label, Constant Change, with an optimistic-sounding extended player.

With each track sprawled across different tempo standards from 108-130 BPM, ‘Remember‘ fits into a host of scenarios but perhaps most smoothly into sunlit walks around green spaces, thanks to the ever-present touch of cheer throughout the EP.

All Will Be Fine‘ arrives after the opening track, allowing the listener to get accustomed to the mood. The title itself does much to set the stage perfectly for the smooth, organic structures that follow, characterised by an airy lightness that is hard to resist feeling yourself on listening. The gentle pace gives room for the almost trance-esque synth lead to work its magic. An ideal track for washing winter from the mind and finding peace in the new season once more.

‘Remember’ EP is scheduled for release 26 February via Constant Change. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Constant Change
2. All Will Be Fine
3. Relax Euphoria
4. Nights At Home