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Premiere: Sandro Mussida – Rueben (8)

Italian sonic art label Die Schachtel prepare to release ‘Decay Music n. 3: Rueben‘, a full solo album from Sandro Mussida, who performs as part of the Tutto Questo Sentire collective alongside Olivia and Rebecca Salvadori.

Whilst Sandro’s live performances, which incorporate the cello and electronic effects units, typically dodge easy classification, his appearance here on Die Schachtel shows some predilection for the types of music typically defined as sonic art: sprawling, eddying musical forms without singular structure, each piece flowing aqueously into the next, their boundaries blurred.

Such is certainly the case across ‘Rueben‘. Featuring nine compositions that land on the soft side of ambient, ‘Rueben”s movements gain collective authority through their individual anonymity, allowing the broad strokes of the release to wash over the listener in an uninterrupted flow, a river breaking through a natural dam.

Naturally, then, by the eighth piece the mind is fully accustomed to the glacial mood of the album. On this composition, the attention of the listener is reduced to concentrate on just a handful of components: iterative, plodding bass marries with a haunted set of strings, loaded with reverb, which echo in resonance with each other as they complete their dance. Minimal, direct-to-the-source music that leaves no questions unanswered, despite its simplicity.

‘Decay Music n. 3: Rueben’ is scheduled for release 19 February via Die Schachtel. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Rueben (1)
2. Rueben (2)
3. Rueben (3)
4. Rueben (4)
5. Rueben (5)
6. Rueben (6)
7. Rueben (7)
8. Rueben (8)
9. Rueben (9)