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Premiere: Aki Himanen & Aleksi Kinnunen – Plastic Rain

Berlin-based record label Jazz-O-Tech unveil their latest extended player, ‘Dawn Drops‘ from Finnish jazz/electronic hybrid duo Aki Himanen & Aleksi Kinnunen.

Consisting of two original tracks and two remixes (courtesy of PEG and Polygonia) that twist the journey deeper into dance territory, the EP follows the thread of the label’s ‘This is Techno Jazz‘ compilation released in July 2020: blending deep astral grooves on the acoustic instruments with the thundering tribal groove of the electronic counterparts, the pair weave fresh cosmic sorcery together over the driving, extended lengths of the two original tracks.

Plastic Rain‘ takes the second cut, and at 10 minutes long, you’ll be able to predict that the journey will be a long and meandering one: beginning with a sombre wind instrument riding out over kinetic drums that demand movement, the pace is ever-so-gradually increased by introducing further syncopated percussion, which only serves to push the listener deeper into the hypnotic spiral. The halfway point marks a change in tone, coruscating acid lines joining in the astral groove and building into an extended crescendo that somehow still centres the smoother acoustic elements.

Finding new ground in dance music can be a difficult process with many unsuccessful disappointments, yet Himanen and Kinnunen have managed to find a firm foothold in the hybridisation of these often contrasting perspectives in music.

‘Dawn Drops’ EP is scheduled for release 26 February via Jazz-O-Tech. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Dawn Drops
2. Plastic Rain
3. Plastic Rain (PEG Remix)
4. Dawn Drops (Polygonia Remix)