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People Plus: Third Space

Drawing inspiration from a Marilyne Blais painting hanging in their studio, People Plus’ Third Space EP is an ambitious exercise in synth-funk synesthetics.

Arp: Zebra

Arp’s “Zebra” finds New York based artist and producer Alexis Georgopoulos closing the door on vocal led efforts and instead exploring a gloriously indefinable set of instrumentals.

Anenon: Tongue

Start to finish, from the chord changes to the building rhythms, the field recordings to the trickle of keys, Anenon is giving us something here that’s elevated, personal, raw… Tongue is regenerative.

In Perspective: Solune talks up his new EP ‘The Hierophant’ on Secretsundaze

With the release of Solune’s third EP on Secretsundaze just around the corner, we seized the occasion to have a chat with Etienne as he opens up on the making of ‘The Hierophant’, his evenly-matched love for infectious dance floor rhythms and transcending atmospherics, and gives further insight on his studio methods and current setup.