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Unkompress open audiophile listening bar in Berlin

Unkompress is a new hangout spot in Kreuzberg offering weary Berliners a chance to perk up and revitalise with a selection of local and internationally sourced produce, including coffee, natural wine, mezcal and CBD-infusions – all housed within a cosy listening bar aimed for music obsessives.

Located a stones throw from Hasenheide, Unkompress is neither a restaurant nor bar, instead it is a listening bar, inspired by the Jazz Kissa movement of Japan, which first appeared in Tokyo around 1929 and reached its prime in the 1960s and ’70s.

Soundtracked by local selectors – check their Mix Series – Unkompress encourages the active listening of albums rooted in electronic music, as well as jazz, disco, balearic and ambient. Unkompress are also set to host monthly events and to provide a platform for collaborations, ranging from record releases, listening sessions, podcast recordings, and tasting sessions.