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Premiere: Rupert Marnie – rhythm_07

The next release from The Press Group is a double concept album titled ‘Evocative Rhythm Experience‘ from Rupert Marnie. Regular readers may remember Rupert Marnie from his 100% original material on IA MIX 320 back in 2019.

Comprising 16 tracks, all arranged at 133.33 BPM, one disc contains a series of tracks titled ‘Evocation‘ and the other ‘Rhythm‘, from which we have sourced the premiere below. The ‘Evocation‘ tracks lean towards ambient and drone, sometimes dissonant, sometimes delightful. On the other disc, the ‘Rhythm‘ tracks are driving and direct, insistently clicking and skeletal.

Individually, the tracks are wonderful. However, the intention is for them to be blended together into a brand new cocktail of audio. Technically speaking, this means you have up to 64 variants within ‘Evocative Rhythm Experience‘. It is up to you as to whether you pick a disc for home, pick a disc for the club, or meld both together to create a kaleidoscope.

‘Evocative Rhythm Experience’ is scheduled for release on 14 April via The Press Group. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. evocation_01
A2. evocation_02
A3. evocation_03
A4. evocation_04
B1. evocation_05
B2. evocation_06
B3. evocation_07
B4. evocation_08
C1. rhythm_01
C2. rhythm_02
C3. rhythm_03
C4. rhythm_04
D1. rhythm_05
D2. rhythm_06
D3. rhythm_07
D4. rhythm_08