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Premiere: Flaty – IP-Elegy 444

Following the release of his third solo album ‘RAILZ‘ in 2021, ANWO label boss and Serwed co-producer Flaty marks his return to Gost Zvuk with his first solo full length for the consistently forward thinking outpost.

Spread over 19 tracks, ‘Intuitive Word‘ is a complex album not for the faint hearted. Exploring alternating shades of rhythmic strains and hyperreal sound design, Flaty eschews club tendencies for mind expansive domains, spanning digitised dub, experimental bass, fuzzed up glitch, contemporary R&B and soaring modern classical motifs. ‘Intuitive Word‘ also features a collaboration with NY-based producer MADTEO.

Our pick from the album is ‘IP-Elegy 444‘ thanks to its ominous metallic texture and glitched beat work. The track has an overwhelmingly extra terrestrial vibe, more akin to deep space travel than terra firma. The album is complemented with artwork by Canadian visual artist Simone Petepiece, who’s approach involves the creation of assemblies that play with the conventions of architectural representation and construction methods. Quite the accolade for such a well defined album.

‘Intuitive Word’ is scheduled for release on 28 April via Gost Zvuk. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. U C
A2. Upper Spell
A3. Intension
A4. Tree
A5. Lament Pit
B1. Strut
B2. Goblin Sograda
B3. Plural Dogs
B4. Nepal Lit
B5. Transparent Thought
C1. Declare Day Whom To Sleep
C2. Observer feat. Madteo
C3. IP-Elegy
C4. Protokross
D1. Blossom For Rest
D2. Mint
D3. Dolphy
D5. Gard