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Since 2014, the standard-bearers of electronic music in Russia have been Gost Zvuk. As the tongue-in-cheek “state standards for sound” name suggests, the youthful minds behind
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OL’s latest 10″ on Gost Instrument delivers six tracks that nosedive into futuristic blazing digi dub, broken hip-hop beats and electronica.

OL: Height Difference

There’s a certain level of expectation when you’ve delivered probably the strongest release to date for Gost. Drafted in for a full album this time, OL has tweaked his approach slightly, smoothing out the cracks of his old sound. His new contribution represents something less immediately impulsive – and undoubtedly less dark.

Nocow: Ledyanoy Album

Stylistically complex albums can be difficult to pull off. Ledyanoy Album – roughly translated as ‘Album Made Of Ice’ – spans house, techno, experimental, ambient and everything in between, but it continues to ask why this can’t be the case, when one pervading mood so cleverly invites us to look upon the album as a whole.

Flaty: New Suggestions (Album Stream)

Named “New Suggestions”, the St. Petersburg force is joined by Gost favourites OL and Lapti, as well as John’s Kingdom head honcho Buttechno among others. And while many of the records these artists are associated with are rooted in more functional house and techno, much of the music on this album isn’t anchored to any conventional beat.

Pavel Milyakov: Yalta

A record simultaneously so lo-fi yet well-polished is a rare combination. And it doesn’t feel overthought in the slightest – an organic and impulsive journey to the coast, unplanned and exciting. And considering the creative output Milyakov enjoys while in this unique, pine-blessed region beside the sea – it must be something in the air.

Lapti: V Tiraj

Lapti surpasses the cut-and-paste schemes to offer a cohesive and almost organic journey through fully synthetic stratums of sound. A combination of ethereal beauty and melodic tour de force.