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Ukraine Aid: Artists and Record Labels you can support

Just like you, we are in complete shock of Russia’s abhorrent invasion of Ukraine and Putin’s reckless aggression that has threatened the very existence of our collective democracies, and the stability of our world.

With so many documents being published compiling lists of Ukrainian record labels, compilations, albums and tracks to support, it can be dizzying to navigate through them all. Therefore, we have pieced together our own list to highlight some of the record labels and artists that might appeal to Inverted Audio readers.

Below is a breakdown of the music that has been released to specifically raise funds for the abomination in Ukraine right now. All proceeds of those listed go to charities and Ukrainians in need of help. The list is far from exhaustive, with countless labels and artists donating their share of their Bandcamp sales, but these releases listed are dedicated to the cause.

Please consider that the best time to purchase is on Friday 4 March 2022, when Bandcamp do not take a portion of the amount paid as profit.


A Dove Has Spread Her Wings: Relief for Ukraine
Northern Electronics

A mean feat for the Swedish record label, which managed to pull together a who’s who of techno in rapid time. The compilation features artists from across the world, including Dasha Rush, Claudio PRC and Voiski. All proceeds from this compilation will go to UNICEF Ukraine.


Not the first compilation Czech hybrid club label Unizone have put towards a good cause, ‘4UA‘ brings together 19 of the best names in the Czech underground electronic scene, including Evil Medvěd, Oliver Torr, Ursula Sereghy and UNIZONE head Ancestral Vision for an all-star cast of futuristic club productions, and a perfect introduction to the Czech electronic scene.

Various Artists 01

Kyiv crew SHITS have a lot of releases you can support that sketch out a Ukrainian perspective on the overlooked Braindance genre. This one is their debut compilation featuring 23 artists from Ukraine, but there is also a dedicated single for supporting Ukraine on their Bandcamp page.

Standard Deviation x Mystictrax

Together For Ukraine is a compilation by 65 Ukrainian and International artists to be sold exclusively via Bandcamp. All profits from this release will be split between the following charity funds, supporting the people of Ukraine; The ‘Return Alive’ Fund, helping at the Ukrainian front. National Bank of Ukraine Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance. ‘Ukraine Pride’ Fund for LGBTQIA+ soldiers and LGBTQIA+ people affected by the war. ‘Голос Дітей’ Fund, helping children affected by the war.

Gost Zvuk

This compilation is particularly poignant because it is from Moscow-based record label Gost Zvuk and contains a stellar lineup featuring many Russian producers, including modern ambientist Perila through to trance-leaning pop at Kedr Livanskiy. 100% of the proceeds from this compilation will go to support humanitarian funds in aid of Ukraine.

Gost Zvuk is a 100% Russian artist label, and their support for the Ukrainian cause in this time should be noted.

In Aid Of Ukraine
Natural Selection

London based record label and events collective Natural Selection take a firm stand and show their solidarity with Ukraine with this colossal 33-track V/A fundraiser compilation, by which 100% of proceeds will be donated to Ukrainian charity foundation Come Back Alive.

Natural Selection have brought together some of the most respected names in electronic music, including some closely connected artists within the Natural Selection family and also a hand-picked selection of Ukrainian artists including Alex Schultz, Cluster Lizard, Zavoloka, Kotra and Religia.

Hope In Unity
HÖR Music

Hope In Unity is a digital album of 27 tracks, has been compiled by HÖR as a direct response to the devastating situation in Ukraine. 100% of the proceeds from the compilation will be donated to Bridges Over Borders – a community-based collective of fellow artists and volunteers that aim to support BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalised individuals with housing, essential items, medical care, integration support, and immigration advice.

Fundraiser for Ukraine Vol​.​1 & Vol. 2

Lithuanian-based imprint WhyPeopleDance have pieced together a sprawling two-piece compilation named ‘WhyPeopleWar‘ –  amassing 140 tracks from over a hundred artists in order to raise funds for Red Cross Ukraine. Contributing artists include; Anatolian Weapons, Benoit B & Mortimer, Borusiade, Das Ding, Eva Geist, Interstellar Funk, Lipelis, Mehmet Aslan, Red Axes, Sacha Mambo, TAPAN.


We Are Invincible
Corridor Audio

Ukrainian label Corridor Audio have put out some hard techno and trance hidden gems we’ve been playing for quite some time. No stranger to running benefit compilations for the modular and musical community around Kyiv and Ukraine, this latest one will raise funds for on-the-ground essential services, and features a stunning cast of the Ukrainian electronic scene. Don’t miss out on their individual albums also, one of which we’ve highlighted below.


eastbloc sound
We Stand with Ukraine

Another mammoth compilation, and arguably one of the most important given that most of the artists on this release hail from the often-neglected eastern bloc countries — but not all, with names like Vladislav Delay and Ulla being big name highlights amongst the underground acts adding their input to a brillliantly curated compilation. Decorated with an homage to Maria Prymachenko’s painting “May That Nuclear War Be Cursed!”, whose original was destroyed in the early days of the invasion.


Marco Shuttle

Mastered by Neel of Voices from the Lake, an album of unreleased dubby ambience from Marco Shuttle in support of “The Voices for the Children.” The foundation is providing non-stop assistance to affected children and families from across Ukraine.

Skee Mask

Eleven previously unreleased tracks by Skee Mask that were made between 2015 and 2019, all unmastered. “DIY Letterbox” was included in the Electronic Beats TV feature from 2017. All earnings will be donated to humanitarian Ukraine relief organisations.

John Object

This vast 58-track compendium by Ukrainian producer John Object doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity, and is Name Your Price, making it a great collection for those financially unable to donate larger sums of money. Consider also supporting John Object directly alongside other purchases.


ШЩЦ | ssssshitsssss

Kiev-based record ШЩЦ (ssssshitsssss) is operated by Bodya Konakov. Over the past few years, ШЩЦ have been throwing their own parties, also appearing at Krakow’s Unsound Festival and Схема, the popular Kviv-based rave. Their first compilation, released in 2019, provided a survey of some of Ukraine’s most notable underground artists including Wulffius and Stanislav Tolkachev.

Corridor Audio

This delectable Ukrainian imprint shines a light on their fellow artists, with high quality production to boot, with the latest release from Lu Joyce a crackly ambient delight, following on femur the slick techno of Dog Rose from NFNR.

система | system

Perhaps known as much for their Rinse France show than their releases, Система – System have been broadcasting news on their Telegram channel to keep people informed of the fighting in their hometown of Odessa. Check their releases for dub techno and experimental electronics, the majority of them by Ukrainian artists, including creepy avant tracks from Hanna Svirska and 05AM.

Dug Up The Bongo

A dance and balearic music label run by d.yaroslav, providing some easy listening pleasure for weary ears. Think Public Possession and 1990s Bobby Konders vibes. Grab the tracks and keep them for a poppin’ party when this has all calmed down.

Hidden Vibes

Headed by Endless Melancholy who has currently taken their family out of Kyiv and unable to ship orders, as per their Bandcamp. We think Hidden Vibes’ calming ambient releases definitely need a little lift right now.

Progressive Future

Founded by Konstantin Lobanov, one of the first Ukrainians to create music using gaming consoles, Progressive Future is an active member of the Ukrainian scene. Using the label to push face melting bass sound, Progressive Future releases hit hard and fast – music for the dance floor and the darkest, dirtiest nights.

Rhythm Büro

A classic Ukrainian house label running for over eight years by Na Nich, based in Kyiv. Their latest release from Kyiv club circuit regular, Gnatenko, is a roving techno number. Breaks and snares keep the album grooving and moving.

Standard Deviation

A player on the global electronic music field, Kyiv based label Standard Deviation has released booty poppin’ electronic bangers from Diana Azzuz through to beautiful glass-shattering vocal sound art from Katarina Gryvul.

Look out for: Poly Chain, project of Sasha Zakrevska, SHAPE Platform alumni and Standard Deviation label boss. Katarina Gryvul, Ukrainian producer and sound artist, her latest release on Standard Deviation was beautiful.

Fundraiser for Ukraine [Curated by Jacopo]
Camera Magmatica

This short album compilation featuring Ōtone, Shoal, Polygonia and more is curated by Jacopo (aka Sever.ja) of Midgar Records, and lands via Italian label Camera Magmatica. Expect deep-groove techno and ambient-verging tracks inside.