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Music Video: Piper Spray ‘Autumn in Chertanovo’ – Directed by Adel Saleh

The world of Piper Spray is a weird one. The enigmatic producer, previously unheard of outside certain Moscow circles, has stepped out of the unknown with a new full-length on Russian label Gost Zvuk – and it’s undoubtedly one of the most unusual.

Curiously named and ceaselessly exploratory, Drugstore Phones spans gurgling, glitch- infused techno, IDM-leaning frequencies and well-earned periods of calming ambience. At times this is a wildly convulsive ride into lo-fi territory, yet flashes of eighties pop music sensibility provide interesting grounding for a small selection of Piper Spray’s tracks.

The mysteriously melancholic Autumn in Chertanovo nods towards this atheistic most directly – with images seemingly lifted from home-taped videos of soothing water features, misty blurs of moving traffic and new-age visions of the natural world. Saturation, serenity and eighties television idealism all in one.

Order a copy of ‘Drugstore Phones’ from Juno.

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