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OL: Height Difference

There’s a certain level of expectation when you’ve delivered probably the strongest release to date for Gost. Drafted in for a full album this time, OL has tweaked his approach slightly, smoothing out the cracks of his old sound. His new contribution represents something less immediately impulsive – and undoubtedly less dark.

Nocow: Ledyanoy Album

Stylistically complex albums can be difficult to pull off. Ledyanoy Album – roughly translated as ‘Album Made Of Ice’ – spans house, techno, experimental, ambient and everything in between, but it continues to ask why this can’t be the case, when one pervading mood so cleverly invites us to look upon the album as a whole.

Flaty: New Suggestions (Album Stream)

Named “New Suggestions”, the St. Petersburg force is joined by Gost favourites OL and Lapti, as well as John’s Kingdom head honcho Buttechno among others. And while many of the records these artists are associated with are rooted in more functional house and techno, much of the music on this album isn’t anchored to any conventional beat.

Pavel Milyakov: Yalta

A record simultaneously so lo-fi yet well-polished is a rare combination. And it doesn’t feel overthought in the slightest – an organic and impulsive journey to the coast, unplanned and exciting. And considering the creative output Milyakov enjoys while in this unique, pine-blessed region beside the sea – it must be something in the air.

Michal Turtle: Phantoms Of Dreamland

Following their hugely successful 12″ released last year – a sublime slab of proto-house and a fine reintroduction to Turtle’s music – ‘Are You Psychic?’ – the eighties synth exponents of Music From Memory are back with a full-length of unreleased Turtle tracks.

Bugaev: Sonm

Somn feels altogether more complete – building on Bugaev’s previous work with comprehensive excursions that nestle somewhere neatly between the peaceful and the compelling.

Skee Mask On Shred

After the much-anticipated release, we caught up with Skee Mask to talk synths, studio time and choice records on Basic Channel’s classic imprint Chain Reaction.

Labels Lost: The Disco Roots of Gherkin Records

Champion producer Frankie Knuckles to the enigmatic Larry Heard; Prescription Records boss Ron Trent to techno demigod Derrick May. In just four short years the Gherkin Records discography reads like a Who’s Who of Chicago house history, yet the imprint shut up shop in 1991 and disappeared without a trace. Jack Pepper interviews Brett Wilcots.

Moon B: Measure Pleasure

The aptly named ‘Measure Pleasure’ EP delivers the effortless groove that Wes Gray has become known for, but carries extra baggage in the form of two lukewarm remixes.

Attitudes in Error: Vplay EP

The mysterious Berlin based imprint returns with an intriguing new direction not completely devoid of that distinctive sound which ties Acting Press releases together.

Bookworms: Bookworms EP

New York producer Bookworms returns to Long Island Electrical Systems with a concrete 12” that sets the tone from the opening track. Unadulterated, unhinged and hypnotic: this techno E.P. goes through the motions with mechanical certainty.