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Bookworms: Bookworms EP

New York based producer Bookworms returns to L.I.E.S. with a concrete 12” that sets the tone from the opening track. Unadulterated, unhinged and hypnotic: this techno E.P. goes through the motions with mechanical certainty.

Touchless Automatic‘ is a relentless excursion pinned down by a heavyweight, brooding bassline and punctuated by metallic 808s which cut straight to it’s core. Second number, ‘Coaxial Electric Slide, is the strongest on the E.P. It’s slowburning, hard hitting kick drum bangs in sync with dubbed out, low strung toms that chug away tirelessly. Above, a pulsating, acidic hook ghosts in and out like the short-circuiting jolts of power lines in a dank train depot.

The piercing 808 hats take a back seat in ‘Exotic Auto Boutique, with its faint, distant sine waves and searing bell stabs. ‘Control That is an altogether meaner affair: twisted, electrical darkness driven by edgy, pulsating polyrhythms.


A1.  Touchless Automatic
A2.  Coaxial Electric Slide
B1.  Exotic Auto Boutique
B2.  Control That

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