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Best Extended Players of 2018

Following the publication of our Best Albums of 2018 we now turn our attention to the trusty format of the 12-inch extended player.

Beau Wanzer

Taking up the room between EBM, screwed-up industrial, broken hip-hop and further unidentified electronics, Beau Wanzer’s mix defies the notions of easy-listening and regular mix format. We sat down with the US based producer to discuss big-money studio gear, creative process and his absolute hatred for all things involving cottage cheese.


With the shadow of 2018 looming upon us and lots to celebrate after another busy year at the office, we had to put the IA mix series in the hands of someone with a broad enough scope of skills and true balls of steel! We’re proud to present Tzusing as the man in charge of our epic last-ditch stand before we attack the new year, pedal to the metal.

Florian Kupfer: Contact EP

Florian Kupfer’s ‘Contact’ EP is a fitting release for L.I.E.S. – rough, unfinished and daring. ‘Contact’ might be the easiest track to digest, but it is ‘Z’’s exploration of approximation, that digs the deeper here.

Nick Klein

With his Euro tour freshly completed and an upcoming tour across the USA on the horizon, Nick Klein put his techno hat aside to lay down an hour-long baroque mix of opiated ambient, slo-mo folk and heartrending choral music. We seized the occasion to have a chat and discuss spirituality in music.

Interstellar Funk

With a forthcoming North and South American tour on the horizon, Interstellar Funk won’t have much downtime this summer. Before he jets off, Olf recorded this killer mix for us and answered a few questions.

Tzusing reflects on his debut album for L.I.E.S.

We caught up with Malaysian-born, Taipei-based producer Tzusing to find out more about his new album on Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. imprint and to discuss all other matters including skating, literature, punk, MTV and more.

Faster Action: Soki Loka

When Ron Morelli asked Interstellar Funk and Robert Bergman for a release as Faster Action, the latter felt it wasn’t the direction he wanted to explore next so he left Olf full room to express his “darker” side. In return the Rush Hour affiliate delivered a pair of weatherbeaten big room mover-and-shakers that shall leave a durable mark in L.I.E.S.’ modern classic catalogue.