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45 ACP: Change Of Tone

“Change Of Tone” is one of those pieces where mere words cannot capture how well constructed it is. So consider this haphazard arrangement of basic English vocabulary to be the waving of a flare;”Change Of Tone” is really rather good and most certainly not for sleeping on.

Person Of Interest: Person Of Interest

Dense and rich of an imaginative breath that’s too rare to be overlooked, these three excellent cuts of rocky techno that punches the metronome like a haymaker shall make their way to your cart beyond any doubt.

Best Record Labels of 2014

From experimental to club extents, soft-tempered house material to the murkiest of techno beats and grooves, the following selection is aimed to provide you with the finest record labels of 2014.

Best Vinyl Artwork of 2014

Vinyl artwork is a conductor element in the way we perceive music, therefore here is our selection of the ten best vinyl artworks of 2014.

Best Tracks of 2014

2014 has been a year of outstanding releases. From first order, accomplished musicians to new coming talents, it’s time for us to unveil the best tracks of the year.

Steve Summers

Steve Summers aka Jason Letkiewicz discusses his involvement with L.I.E.S. and his own imprint ‘Confused House’. He also talks about working with the likes of Terekke and Bookworms for their super-group Escape Force.

Terekke: Yrlv

Terekke’s four track EP is made up of mostly techno/house cross over numbers composed with particularly floating textures, with ambience aplenty.

Domenico Crisci

Following EP’s on L.I.E.S and Russian Torrent Versions, Italian experimental techno producer Domenico Crisci delivers an hours recording of his live performance at Flussi Festival.

Domenico Crisci: The Old Candelabra

Succeeding a promising debut EP on the excellent Russian Torrent Versions, ‘The Old Candelabra’ marks Domenico Crisci’s first steps on L.I.E.S…an opaque and smouldering string of knotty techno tracks, slamming back and forth through industrial machinery and totemic grooves

Florian Kupfer

Florian Kupfer talks about his musical heritage, approach to production and his involvement with Ron Morelli’s Long Island Electrical Systems imprint.

Daywalker + CF: Supersonic Transport

If, by any chance, you are late to the L.I.E.S. party and have been waiting for the opportunity to jump in…this is the one you have been waiting for. Read these words, listen to the clips, grab your wallet and off you go.

Mix Tape: Ron Morelli

We spoke to L.I.E.S label boss Ron Morelli about his experience of clubbing in London and his move from New York to Paris. Ron has also provided a mix tape for you to get a taste of what he’ll be spinning at Make Me’s 6th Birthday this Saturday in London.