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Mix Tape: Ron Morelli

Ahead of Make Me’s 6th Birthday this Saturday in Shoreditch we spoke to L.I.E.S label boss Ron Morelli about his experience of clubbing in London and his move from New York to Paris. Ron has also provided a 10 track mix tape for you to get a taste of what he’ll be spinning at Make Me.

Stream Mix Tape via YouTube.

We’re excited to see you’re back in London for Make Me’s 6th Birthday. Do you enjoy spending time in London?

London is huge and split up so it’s different every time you play there, some people don’t go to the East some don’t go to the West and so forth, so the crowds are seemingly different according to the venue.

But the people in London are always pretty up for it, and well you know they all get faded as hell. Yeah I like spending time in London it’s generally a good vibe, though getting caught up in that rush hour is miserable, maybe worse than NYC.

You’re now based in Paris as opposed to Brooklyn. Has the move helped develop or even influence you as an artist or as a label manger?

The plane rides are shorter and the food is a lot better, other than that it is business as usual.

Who or what has influenced you over the years musically and what is grabbing your attention right now?

Public Enemy, Black Flag, Thrasher Magazine, Dear Jesus, Vermiform, Man is the Bastard, Crossed Out, Spazz, Bunker Records, ’86 Mets, ’93 Knicks.

As for right now everything music-wise The Trilogy Tapes, Creme, Bunker, Future Times, Confused House, Golf Channel, In Paradisum, Miles, Andy Stott, Shifted, Avian, Shawn O’Sullivan, Sleep Archive, Death of Rave, Diagonal, Minimal Wave, Juan Mendez, PAN, Lee Gamble, Apron, Funkieven, 51717 Kowton, Vereker, Low Jack, Get the Curse, Antinote, Idle Hands, Hospital Productions, Legowelt, Nation, Traxx, JTC, DMC, Jamal Moss, Svengalisghost, Beau Wanzer, LA Club Resource, Scott Z, PorkChop, Jeremy Rodriguez, A1 Records….

What does the future hold for yourself and L.I.E.S.?

Jam the box heavy.

Discover more about Ron Morelli, L.I.E.S and Make Me on Inverted Audio.


1. Silent Servant ‘Lust Abandon’
2. Throbbing Gristle ‘Distant Dreams (Part Two)’
3. Streetwalker ‘Sun Song’
4. Dz’s Pump Girls – Pump It Up – Dezzarotic Records Inc. 1986
5. Jesse Velez ‘Laugh The Night Away (Super Rhythm Trax B2)’
6. Ellis De Havilland ‘Hussy’
7. The Human League ‘4JG’
8. Marc And The Mambas ‘Sleaze (Take It, Shake It)’
9. J.T.C. ‘Infinite Formula’
10. Traxx Vs Legowelt ‘Stranger In The Strangest Of Lands’