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Moon B: Measure Pleasure

Making his debut on Pulp, LA resident Moon B continues to ride the wave of dusty, boogie-infused retro-futurism that has been the cornerstone of 1080p and Mood Hut releases this year. The aptly named ‘Measure Pleasure’ EP delivers the effortless groove that Wes Gray has become known for, but carries extra baggage in the form of two lukewarm remixes.

With the title track, Gray demonstrates a deep understanding of simplicity amongst many complex layers. The driving boogie bassline and soft, glistening synths manage a subtle funk that remains uncluttered throughout, like a bright street light in the haziness of a liquor-fueled LA night. Golden Ivy’s dreamy remix hits some sweet spots but is more of an afterthought in the end.

On the flip, ‘PV Hills serves up another slice of 80’s styled boogie. Rich 808s, practically dripping in caramel, are paired with the catchy, funk-laden hooks that make Gray’s tracks so listenable. Fun-loving producer Fudge Fingas makes precious few alterations to an otherwise winning formula, with the exception of a few surplus synths and a tape machine aesthetic that is charming, if unspectacular.

Measure Pleasure EP is out now on Pulp.


1. Measure Pleasure
2. Measure Pleasure (Golden Ivy Remix)
3. Nada Cloud
4. PV Hills
5. PV Hills (Fudge Fingas Remix)

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