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IA MIX 302 Beta Librae

In addition to dishing out an hour-and-a-half of her bewitching floor-destroying skills, Beta Librae took the time to answer a few questions. Lock in you’re in for a chirpy treat.

Best Releases: May 2016

Fett Burger and Luca Lozano teaming up again, Madteo back with the christening release of his eponymous label, edit-sensei Mori Ra killing it with another batch of top-class revamps, Lee Gamble stepping up on UIQ for the first time… May got our processors on overheat! Here’s our monthly compilation.

James K talks up “PET”

Ahead of the release of James K eagerly-awaited debut long-player “PET”, we took the chance to find out more about her creative modus operandi and the symbolisms at work behind the album plus her long-haul artistic evolution.


1080p label boss Richard MacFarlane christens 2016 with an all-unreleased mix, including brand new material from the likes of Palmbomen, Khotin, Riohv and a crowd of other talented affiliates who’ll get to release on the Canadian label later in the year.

Mall Grab

Mall Grab serves up a disco-house mix and discusses his breakthrough year punctuated with three compelling lo-fi bangers on a variety of record labels including the ever-tasteful 1080p imprint.

Project Pablo

Following the release of Project Pablo’s “I Want To Believe” cassette on 1080p, we caught up with the Montreal based producer to discuss his background and current situation in Canada. His mix is a warm blend of house, funk and soul.

Journeymann Trax: Smoke Tape

The ‘Smoke Tape’ sound is as much that of floating across a late night city landscape as it is a sun dappled walk through a rain forest. It’s no easy feat to serve up these sounds in new contexts but Draino and the 1080p team deliver perfectly here.

Project Pablo: I Want To Believe

The nine tracks on I Want To Believe’s cassette are golden: bouncy live-style jams drawn with clean lines rather than the excessive fuzz that many of his contemporaries use to drown their grooves.

Mix Tape: OOBE

OOBE discusses his approach to creating music ahead of VENT on Thursday 19th February and provides a 10 track YouTube Mix Tape featuring tracks from Aniello, Velvet Underground, Nirvana, Actress, Vaghe Stelle and more.