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Download ‘Zozi Theme’ off DJ Zozi’s new EP for 1080p

Better known as D. Tiffany, Vancouver artist Sophie Sweetland is making a comeback with her third appearance on Richard MacFarlane’s 1080p as DJ Zozi, following up to a strong inaugural split along fellow British Columbian producer Bobby Draino and her eponymous debut solo tape released the year after. The not so aptly-titled ‘Mellow Vibe‘ is scheduled for release late May.

This time Sweetland shows off the more muscular facet of her clubby firepower, dishing out four tracks of heavy-duty house and incendiary breakbeat. Going straight for the jugular with a tensile blend of filtered Roulé-style tekfunk and up-to-date jungle breaks on the unscrewed ‘Snow Globe‘, or drubbing hardcore drops on the hectic ‘Up (Slammin’ Vers)‘, ‘Mellow Vibe‘ leaves no exit option. Make sure you don’t skip leg’s day at the gym.

You can now stream and download the stellar, old-school vibey ‘Zozi Theme‘ in full now.

Mellow Vibe is released via 1080p late May, pre-order a vinyl copy from Red Eye Records.


A1 Mellow Vibe
A2 Up (Slammin’ Vers)
B1 Snow Globe
B2 Zozi Theme

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