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Mix Tape: OOBE

OOBE (Out Of Body Experience) is the musical project of the Turin based producer Yari Malaspina. Over the past two years he’s released music through an array of experimental imprints including 1080p, Opal Tapes and more recently the London based imprint Cleaning Tapes.

OOBE is also playing his debut London event on Thursday 19th February for the Cairo based arts collective VENT at Dance Tunnel alongside Rezzett and Sias (Download IA MIX 163 Sias). We caught up with OOBE to discuss his approach to creating music as well as an added bonus in the form of a YouTube Mix Tape ahead of his set at VENT featuring tracks from Aniello, Velvet Underground, Nirvana, Actress, Vaghe Stelle and more.



Firstly can you tell us a bit more about your OOBE project? How long have you been producing under OOBE and how has your sound developed?

Well I started this (OOBE) project a year and half ago…at the time I was living with Dani (Vaghe Stelle) and Renato Leotta, they had great influences on me I think…also our house had the strangest vibes I’ve ever felt, it was romantic but also rough. I think this was the frame of first OOBE.

Your sound is similar to Andy Stott, something you must hear a lot! What is it about this dark brooding sound that drives you to create music?

It’s not a matter of dark sounds…what drives me to create music is different, nothing about music really but more like a way of driving your thoughts out of your brain and your ears.

This month you released your 6-track ‘Stealth’ LP on Cleaning Tapes. Tell me about these tracks, what provoked you to delve into such a dark atmosphere, what were you thinking of when making it?

Stealth is an old collections of tracks. I made them during the process of SFTCR the mood was pretty much the same …like trying to remember a dream…u don’t know if sounds comes from your ears or its roaring in your head.

How did you come to release through Cleaning Tapes? 

Cant remember, sending tracks I suppose hahaha.

What else are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working with Aniello (Opal Tapes) doing a new project called “Abele e Caino”.

How do you feel your music fits alongside the rest of the Cleaning Tapes discography?

I arrived at Cleaning tapes thanks to Norwell + S Olbricht doing a remix for their awesome album…That was the first time I heard about Cleaning Tapes. Honestly I think every artists has their own “vision”, I don’t think any of these has this “fit” feeling each other but maybe could be felt by William who run the label.

Turin has a firmly established electronic music scene, home of Movement Festival and Club To Club, however what’s the week to week seen like?

Music scene and festivals are two different things…both are doing great for sure.

Are you DJing or performing much in Turin and further afield? 

No not really…I don’t perform so much and I never DJ coz I don’t have records, honestly I don’t listen to music so much, except for Lou Reed and a few others.

Tell me about your current studio setup – anything out of the ordinary about it?

I always produce with my laptop and headphones, so no analogue machines for the moment…I need something pretty easy and fast, putting down ideas quickly…most of time they remain like that, uncompleted. I can pick up pieces of old tracks adding new ones or destroy them easily for futures ones. It’s fresher to me.

You’ve also released music on 1080p and Opal Tapes, what other labels do you want to work with and why?

I think making music for a particular label sometimes could be infertile…unless you feel that.

I prefer to create without this kind of “cage” I had mine already… but I felt that feeling too…sometimes I choose the path sometimes no.

What’s your opinion about Aphex Twin’s recent Soundcloud dump? Any tracks that really stand out for you?

I honestly haven’t listened to Syro yet, neither all of those on Soundcloud. At the moment I’m not into this…I want to do it whilst relaxing.

You’re playing at VENT – Have you played in London before? 

It’s my first time. I’m exited and worried at the same time, to be honest I dunno what’s going to happen.

I’m personally really excited to see Rezzett play – What do you know about the duo and what do you think about their music?

I’ve never heard their music before, will be a pleasure to listen to them loud for the first time… I don t know much about them but something is telling me its gonna be great.

Finally what’s your ultimate aim for 2015?

Marry me have a baby and tell less lies.

OOBE plays at Dance Tunnel for VENT alongside Rezzett and Sian on Thursday 19th February 2015, full info and tickets can be found here.




1. Salem ‘King Night’
2. Aniello ‘Aniello – 05’
3. Velvet Underground ‘I’m Waiting For The Man’
4. Nirvana ‘Radio Friendly Unit Shifter’
5. Lorn & Dolor ‘My Keys / Black ice’
6. Atrax Morgue ‘Ripped’
7. Actress ’N.E.W.’
8. Holovr ‘I’
9. Stargate ‘Born 2 Love’
10. Vaghe Stelle ‘Sweet Sixteen’

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