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Mall Grab

Hailing from the south-east coast of Australia, a few miles north from Sydney, up-and-coming producer Jordon Alexander aka Mall Grab has enjoyed a solid breakthrough year punctuated with three compelling lo-fi bangers on a variety of imprints including the ever-reliable 1080p.

If one was to describe what Jordon’s calling “MG’s flavour” himself, it would probably be an unpretentious blend of jacking house beats, fiendishly suave vocals and straight up static-filled floor magnetism. Buttering a quite generous tropical vibe over pure groove know-how, the Aussie delivers.

Winter may be pretty harsh here, that lush blender of low-slung house and slow-burning disco will quickly remind you it’s tank-and-thongs time at the antipodes!

Hey Jordon, thanks for recording this mix for us! How did you go about your track selection and mix?

It’s my pleasure! Basically, it’s a mix of stuff I’ve been listening to, playing out and making. Some forthcoming stuff for 2k16 and some favourites. I like to record mixes live so nothing is too considered and it has an essence of spontaneity.

Your music’s clearly club-focused – blending all sorts of late-night, hazy and sensuous atmospheres with unstoppable shuffling moves and measured lo-fi aesthetic. How would you define your sound?

I think for a musician to define their own sound is a bit of a catch-22. My music is completely based around emotion and nostalgia. Not a particular longing for any time or place, just something that can be related to by people and maybe danced too.

The Australian scene has been providing some of the finest music acts in house music lately – Dro Carey, Daze, Dan White, Bell Towers, Andras Fox, Harvey Sutherland or Mic Mills – and your Soundcloud says you’re based in the Sydney area. What kind of relationship do you keep with your Aussie fellows?

The “underground” Australian scene is one of the best in the world right now. So many people are exploring their own sounds. I’m actually out of the way a bit (about 2hrs north of Sydney – my only counterpart where I am is Stephane 1993 (who makes club WMDS) but I’ve met a tonne of people playing around the country these past 6 months, they are all about the music; and in the right areas, the right kind of people are pushing the right things.

Which up-and-coming artist from Australia should we keep an eye on?

Rudolf C and Cop Envy.

How strong is the emulation there? I guess the Internet helps a lot building connections in such a vast, desert-filled country.

There are lots of crews in Sydney and Melbourne, and from what I’ve experienced they are very tight knit. The Internet has been my saviour when it comes to networking because I’m so out of the way.

Curiously enough, you haven’t released any of your music on an Australian label yet! Anything in the pipeline?

Hahaha yeah. Some stuff coming up, nothing I can speak of just yet but I’m really looking forward to 2016.

2015 is coming to an end and it’s been quite a prosperous breakthrough year for you. How are you feeling now? 

I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished in the past 6 months. I put out a lot of stuff in a very short period of time, which was just me being naïve and wanting to get stuff out there.

Your third release ‘Alone‘ EP just dropped on newly established UK label Shall Not Fade. Can you tell us more about this release?

There is some great stuff lined up for Shall Not Fade. This release was something chill to round off the year with…afternoon vibes.

What’s your studio like at the moment?

Two shitty monitors and a laptop. I think limiting myself allows me to experiment more with what I have. That being said, I’m more than likely gonna spend a lot of my money on gear this year, as opposed to clothes and records, hahaha.

Your track ‘Guap‘ had that very Galcher-ian vibe to it whilst ‘Orange County‘ nicely recalled me of Jack J’s melodies. Are they artists you look up to?

Absolutely. I think a lot of upcoming producers on the internet are just straight-up biting shit, as opposed to taking influence and doing something different. I think my subconscious will always play a part in what I make, but it will always have what I think is an MG flavour. I’m still experimenting every day. I’m very amateur. Still learning, very much so.

What records have you been rinsing lately?

Young Thug, SS2. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Slow Riffs, Renato P on Must Have Records. Baba Stiltz, Kornel Kovacs and Francis Inferno Orchestra’s new record.

I remember hearing Tissu play your Alicia Keys edit in Paris this summer, which delighted the crowd with instant effect. Can we expect a release date for this gem?

I can’t say too much just yet, but it has been mastered and is definitely coming soon.

What’s next for you? Any euro tour coming up?

I’m just going to continue making music and play as many shows as I can, meet more amazing people and eat tons of falafel, wherever I am. More than likely Europe will be happening this year. I’m just going with the flow at the moment.

If you had one wish for 2016, what would it be?

Do the soundtrack for Raf Simons/S16 and for Donald Trump to fade away very quickly.

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