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Selected Works: February 2024

February has proven to deliver a multitude of high-quality releases from artists and record labels worldwide. To help sift through the noise, ‘Selected Works‘ singles out the very best new electronic music released in February 2024. Listen to the playlist on Soundcloud or Spotify.

‘Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above’
XL Recordings

Burial Dreamfear : Boy Sent From Above

William Bevan debuts on XL Recordings as Burial delivering a two track 12-inch reminiscent of a fever dream hardcore mixtape from the 90’s. One for the dystopian lighter crew.

Released: 9 February 2024
Record Label: XL Recordings
Best Track: Dreamfear

Chaos In The CBD
‘Sirena Deep’ EP
In Dust We Trust

Chaos In The Cbd Sirena Deep Ep

Chaos In The CBD return to In Dust We Trust with ‘Sirena Deep’ EP delivering two chugging deep house rollers with beautifully layered keys and a collaboration with legendary jazz musician Nathan Haines. 100% essential.

Released: 12 February 2024
Record Label: In Dust We trust
Best Track: Outdoor Limit
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DJ Fett Burger & L.A.2000


Launched in 2008 during the tail end era of music blogs, DJ Fett Burger and Lars Erik Morillo’s (L.A. 2000) monthly mix series Trushmix has remained a constant source for eclectic mixes from both well-known and lesser-known artists from the underground domain. Now in their 13th year, Trushwax debut three tracks by the co-founders produced between 2010-2021.

Released: 9 February 2024
Record Label: Trushwax
Best Track: Hello Awreibody

Erik Jabari
Erik Jabari

Erik Jabari Headspin

Berlin-based producer Erik Jabari debuts on his own self-titled label with a bubbling three track EP packed with acidic swathes of techno, spray paint and locked grooves.

Released: February 2024
Record Label: Erik Jabari
Best Track: Sandwave

Fields of Mist
‘Biospore Farmers
Ilian Tape

Fields Of Mist

Fields of Mist ‘Biospore Farmers’ delivers seven tracks that effortlessly glide between styles, from the hotboxed haze opener “Sunrise On Moss Landing Platform 5” to the crunchy funk of “Cloud Minnows”. The first four tracks appear on the physical edition, while the entire seven track album is available digitally.

Released: 8 February 2024
Record Label: Ilian Tape
Best Track: Sunrise On Moss Landing Platform

Glo Phase
Constellation Tatsu

Glo Phase Blink

Glo Phase is the project of producer Joseph Rusnak. His output explores the buoyant, sunlit sectors of house and techno with bouncy rhythms, crisp keys, and a mesmerising atmosphere that gets the party started or keeps things rolling well into the night. His latest album ‘Blink‘ arrives on California label Constellation Tatsu and invites listeners into a world of live, vibrant, and captivating electronic music where spontaneity shines.

Released: 2 February 2024
Record Label: Constellation Tatsu
Best Track: Vista Hermosa

Human Space Machine
‘Searching’ EP
De Lichting

Human Space Machine Searching

Amsterdam-based producer and De Lichting cohort Human Space Machine delivers ‘Searching’ EP delivering a fresh four tracker consisting of effective yet deeply heady cuts of club music.

Released: 23 February 2024
Record Label: De Lichting
Best Track: Sp4c3

‘Pleasure Phonetix
Step Ball Chain

Mabel Pleasure Phonetix

Super slick and freaky little release featuring bratty-bass from the land down under, Naarm’s very own Mabel makes a debut on Berlin’s Step Ball Chain, spicing up the label’s femme finesse to another sultry dimension.

Released: 16 February 2024
Record Label: Step Ball Chain
Best Track: Freak Certified

Mad Rider

Mad Rider Fmrann8 3

Austrian producer Mad Rider debuts on vierundvierzig with a mini-LP named ‘fmrann8‘. Conceived during the pandemic and finalised after the reopening of clubs, this is a vehicle for hesitant mids of wanting/not wanting to revisit the club environments. ‘fmrann8‘ explores downtempo outer-dimensional sonics via deep house and dub techno.

Released: 2 February 2024
Record Label: Vierundvierzig
Best Track: Amtent
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Pura Pura & Gipsyan
Nocto Vea
Nehza Records

The otherworldly combination of amorphous & celestially ambient synths atop playfully fluttering footwork-infused drum kicks—Pura Pura & Gipsyan make for a transcendental shift with these beauty tunes on Nehza Records. Do not miss!

Released: 16 February 2024
Record Label: Nehza Records
Best Track: Benekli Melek

Roma Zuckerman
‘Phenomenon of Provincial Mentality
Gost Zvuk

Roma Zuckerman Phenomenon Of Provincial Mentality

Krasnoyarsk-born producer Roma Zuckerman presents his sophomore album ‘Phenomenon of Provincial Mentality‘ on Gost Zvuk, delivering a series of captivating techno cannonballs, freakish IDM, steady states of minimal melodies intertwined with a fair amount of UFO monologues.

Released: 2 February 2024
Record Label: Gost Zvuk
Best Track: Waterfalls Pt.2

Sam Goku
‘Glistening Club Music Vol. 4
Permanent Vacation

Sam Goku Glistening Club Music Vol. 4

The music on this volume emits peripheral visions of ocean waves glistening under a late afternoon sun, life in technicolor, and other simple joys of summer. Oriental and effervescent keys cut through sharply against tight slaps of bass – this is what soundtracks an unforgettable dance. May we say anymore?

Released: 2 February 2024
Record Label: Permanent Vacation
Best Track: Tales Of The Tiger And Moon

Sha Ru
‘They Are Textural
Monkeytown Records

Sha Ru They Are Textural

New York/ Berlin power duo, Sha Ru’s debut EP on Monkeytown ‘They Are Textural’ makes a bold exposé with powerful vocals, blending punk ethos to bass-heavy, future-seeking electronics running a raunchy rhythm on raw emotion.

Released: 29 February 2024
Record Label: Monkeytown Records
Best Track: Crawl

Small Crab / Elpac
‘Lacuna 02

Small Crab : Elpac

Brand new label fresh out of Ireland, Lacuna drop their second release with a mighty 4-tracker, a combination of deliveries each from Bristol’s Elpac & Dublin’s Small Crab, two lethal producers prowling the local club scene, brew dangerously low-end delights for rough & rugged raves.

Released: 28 February 2024
Record Label: Lacuna
Best Track: Patrolling

‘Dream Pulse

Tibia Dream Pulse

Berlin based artist Tibia presents his latest album Dream Pulse – an exploration of unconventional drums, melancholic moods with unconventional rhythms through moody and experimental vibes. A trip between ambient techno and the more smooth IDM, this album feels warm and personal.

Released: 28 February 2024
Record Label: Perspektif
Best Track: N.O.D.

Various Artists
Die Orakel

Die Orakel Braindance

Featuring the likes of Reptant, Pépe, and Edward, Die Oracle’s ‘Braindance‘ compilation caters to an adventurous home listening aesthetic that’ll take your chill out vibes into a different realm. ‘Braindance‘ comes in a 15-track digital edition as well as a 4-track vinyl EP, the latter showcasing the contributions of Dana Kuehr, Benjamin Milz, Reptant, and Poly Chain.

Released: 16 February 2024
Record Label: Die Orakel
Best Track: O-Wells – Deep Concentration

Various Artists
‘No Pare, Sigue Sigue 2

No Pare, Sigue Sigue 2

Strictly speaking, find only total sound system rattlers with an extra-thick dose of bass and that much-desired dancefloor funk. Another set of public service heaters on the Colombian TraTraTrax label – they are here to please, and we can’t get enough.

Released: 9 February 2024
Record Label: TraTraTrax
Best Track: Henzo – Glisten

Wrecked Lightship
Peak Oil

Wrecked Lightship Antiposition 2

Combining a shared love of refracted dubstep, jungle rhythms, and smeared electronics, Wrecked Lightship is a fervent collaboration project between Laurie Osborne (Appleblim) and Adam Winchester (Dot Product) .  ‘Antiposition‘ delivers six tracks ranging from “wobbly interstellar ascension ‘Hex‘ and cavernous industrial dub ‘Bizarre Servants‘ to junglist murk ‘Sunken Skies‘ and fractal shuffler ‘Diminished Ark‘”.

Released: 23 February 2024
Record Label: Peak Oil
Best Track: Hex
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