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Selected Works: January 2024

January has already proven to deliver a bounty of high-quality releases from artists and record labels worldwide. To help sift through the noise, ‘Selected Works‘ is our new monthly feature, singling out the very best new electronic music released during the month. Listen to playlist on Soundcloud or Spotify.

Answer Code Request & Amotik

Answer Code Request & Amotik

Two Berlin techno icons merge their art for a first collaborative EP on Delsin. The result is a flawless combination of their own unique styles, atmospheric break-beats from Answer Code Request matching the impeccable grooves and deep subs of Amotik.

Released: 19 January 2024
Record Label: Delsin
Best Track: LED

‘Megavolt’ EP
Neptune Discs

A4110246634 10

Edinburgh-based producer Shaun Greens aka Astro kick-starts 2024 with ‘Megavolt‘ EP on Neptune Discs. ‘Megavolt‘ is prime club fodder – featuring four tracks journeying through a combination of breaks, rave and hard trance, taking the listener on a laser light guided journey through a joyous clubland abyss.

Released: 19 January 2024
Record Label: Neptune Discs
Best Track: Hyperdrive

‘Under The Pavilion’ EP
Small Steps

Boaksi Under The Pavilion Ep

Two years after Hame’s inaugural three tracker on Belgium-based record label Small Steps, Lola Haro enlist’s Project Indigo co-founder Boaksi to deliver the second EP on her boutique imprint. Boaksi now steps up to deliver ‘Under The Pavilion’ – a summer themed extended player of ethereal ambiance that builds upon the output of his debut LP by featuring a combination of more club oriented elements together, often characterised by layered synth patterns, breaks and textured percussion.

Released: 31 January 2024
Record Label: Small Steps
Best Track: What’s It Worth?
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Donato Dozzy
Spazio Disponibile

Donato Dozzy Magda

Donato Dozzy presents his latest studio album entitled ‘Magda’. An emotional tribute to family and the Adriatic Sea. Over the course of six tracks he explores colourful emotions and sounds connecting to his deepest inner feelings. Speaking through music and showing gratitude to his auntie, one of the strongest women in Donato’s life and a real life teacher.

Released: 19 January 2024
Record Label: Spazio Disponibile
Best Track: Le Chaser

Ear to Ear
‘Live Recordings’
Astral Industries

Ear To Ear Live Recordings 6

Culled from live recording sessions, Samuel van Dijk and Yevgen Chebotarenko join forces as Ear to Ear, to unveil a sound brimming with ideas, ready to challenge the listener showcasing a dense, dystopian sonic palette of dark ambient, noise, and smeared field recordings. ‘Live Recordings’ spans four side-long tracks that evoke grey skies, abandoned warehouses on the brink of collapse, and tiny glimmers of the natural world encroaching on industrial wastelands.

Released: 26 January 2024
Record Label: Astral Industries
Best Track: Live Recordings D
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Jan Jelinek & Arthur Clees
‘Live in Luxembourg, December 3rd 2021’

Live In Luxembourg, December 3rd 2021

This record contains four experimental tracks taken from a live performance, which took place on December 3rd 2021 at the vinyl harvest record store in Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg.

Released: 21 January 2024
Record Label: mint.conception.recordings
Best Track: excerpt 3

Manuel Gonzales
‘Days Gone By’

Manuel Gonzales Days Gone By

“Days Gone By” is the latest creation from Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN, showcasing his remarkable versatility inside of the contemporary musical landscape. This 9-track EP, released for 100 LIMOUSINES, is a vibrant mosaic of raw, gritty sounds that capture the quintessence of Detroit’s musical heritage.

Released: 20 January 2024
Record Label: 100 LIMOUSINES

Marco Shuttle
Marco Shuttle Productions

Marco Shuttle Msp01

Marco Shuttle’s first release on his new “solo-dedicated” platform focused on his more dancefloor oriented an lysergic productions. It comes after a relatively long break following more downtempo/abstract endeavours on his album on Incienso.

Released: 20 January 2024
Record Label: Marco Shuttle Productions
Best Track: On A Razor’s Edge

Oyubi & Fetus
‘Dogwood’ EP

Big wubs to the knees, expect pleasurable basslines from the Japanese producers Oyubi and Fetus, cashing out on some dirt with thess club delights. Makes for a good Friday night tease. Nice.

Released: 24 January 2024
Record Label: Turing
Best Track: Bass28

‘Live At BushBash II’
Jungle Gym

Live At Bushbash Ii

Tokyo-based producer Zefan Sramek kicks off 2024 with ‘Live At BushBash II‘, his latest full length as Precipitation. The cassette, released via Los Angeles imprint Jungle Gym, combines ethereal ambient keys with hypnotic house rhythms. ‘Live At BushBash II‘ is a sequel to the first edition, released at the end of 2022 and recorded at the same Tokyo venue Bush Bash.

Released: 12 January 2024
Record Label: Jungle Gym
Best Track: V

Ryan James Ford
‘Tower Hamlets’
Clone Basement Series

Ryan James Ford Tower Hamlets

Ryan James Ford gets his 2024 campaign underway with his first 12-inch for Clone’s Basement Series in almost four years. Inspired in part by the crumbling, concrete-clad surrounds of Tower Hamlets in London, Ford offers up a swathe of Brutalist techno workouts tailor-made for sweat-soaked peak-time sessions and pitch-black basement parties.

Released: 22 January 2024
Record Label: Clone Basement Series
Best Track: Cheese Bin

Scotch Rolex, Shackleton & Omutaba
‘The Three Hands Of Doom’
Nyege Nyege Tapes

A solid release on Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Tapes, The Three Hands Of Doom is a killer dose of psychedelic percussions from the big merger productions of Scotch Rolex, Shackleton offsetting Omutaba’s live kinetic drum action for a cursed hypnotic rhythm that could summon the gods.

Released: 11 January 2024
Record Label: Nyege Nyege Tapes
Best Track: Burnt Earth

Will Long
‘Too Much’
Scissor and Thread

Will Long Too Much 3

American producer Will Long joins New York-based record label Scissor and Thread with the release of ‘Too Much‘ – a sultry single bolstered with remixes from label boss Francis Harris and DJ Aakmael. Following the ‘Long Trax‘ album trilogy in 2016 on Comatonse Recordings, with each volume accompanied with overdub versions from DJ Sprinkles, as well as three 12-inches on Smalltown Supersound in 2018 – ‘Too Much‘ is a welcome return to the vinyl format. At just one solo track, this could be a teaser to an imminent EP or LP.

Released: 31 January 2024
Record Label: Scissor and Thread
Best Track: Too Much (Francis Harris Reform)
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Various Artists
‘V​.​A 002’

V . A 002 740x719

Following the first digital edition in 2021, Swiss producer and label owner Ben Kaczor releases the second label compilation through his own KCZ imprint. Piqued for lucid dance floor moments, ‘V​.​A 002‘ delivers five assortments of heady electronics exploring liminal ambient from Orion, jarring techno trips from Christine Benz, Kosmiche acoustics from Hund Koecket, high energy electro from Barbara Ford and heady downtempo from Tarik Hensen.

Released: 26 January 2024
Record Label: KCZ
Best Track: Christine Benz – D9

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